Doom Bunny and the Monster Catchers, by Loren Morris

Who knew that monsters lurk in milk cartons in the fridge? Loren Morris did. That’s why you sometimes go to the fridge and there’s no milk…the monsters have taken it. And don’t forget monster-catchers. They’re the ones who trap the monsters in the milk in the first place. And if you should find a milk carton and open it, you may just let all the monsters out. Then you’ll have to find a way to catch them again, before they do damage. The monster-catcher might help you, IF he feels like it, and IF his mega-ego doesn’t get in the way. And you might need the help of some friends too…one you knew would help, and unexpectedly one who is usually otherwise engaged. Images are black-bordered on white pages, almost as if you’re watching the action through the rear view mirror from the inside of a car.

There are some truly awesome monsters in Doom Bunny and the Monster Catchers and Doom Bunny himself is sure he’s a legend. He’s a milk monster, now imprisoned in a bunny puppet – super sweet on the outside, monster on the inside. Timotheus the Monster Catcher is a bit of a bumbler but accepts the help of others in recapturing the escaped monsters. The humour is off-beat and unexpected, often quite absurd and will have readers chuckling out loud. Perfect for reluctant readers struggling with denser texts. It’s a super-adventure without the superheroes. Recommended for mid-primary and beyond.

Doom Bunny and the Monster Catchers

Doom Bunny and the Monster Catchers, Loren Morris
Omnibus Books 2011
ISBN: 9781862918535

review by Claire Saxby, Children’s author

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