Mortimer Revealed, by Asphyxia

Crumpet has the gift of magic – a gift I wish I had myself. I haven’t given up on finding my own magical talents, though – I believe they’re lurking just below the surface, even if no one else believes it, except maybe Crumpet.

Intorduced in Hatched, the Grimstones are back in a second Gothic adventure in Mortimer Revealed. This time, narrator Martha Grimstone looks for answers to the mystery surrounding her father’s death when she was a baby. Martha longs to know more about her father, and what happened to him, but Mama and grandpa won’t speak about it. Perhaps Crumpet, the baby brother Martha had a hand in creating in the first installment, will be able to shed some light on the mystery.

This Gothic inspired diary offering is a delight, blending pathos with humour and whimsy for a final product which is uniquely appealing. Illustrations combine photos from the creator’s puppetry with sketches and illustrations, and the story, told from young Martha’s prespetive is a touching tale of self-discovery and mysetry.

Suitable for middle primary aged readers, Mortimer Revealed is a delight.

Mortimer Revealed (Grimstones)

Mortimer Revealed (Grimstones), by Asphyxia
Allen & Unwin, 2012
ISBN 9781742376899

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