The Wishbird, by Gabrielle Wang

The girl’s hands came up to the bars and she gripped them tightly. She was speaking to Boy with her eyes, pleading for help.
Then a strange and beautiful sound came from her throat, rising and falling like the wind. Boy had never heard anything like it.
And yet it was familiar.

Oriole has never left the Forest of Birds. She is happy living here with the Wishbird, Mellow, and all the other birds. But Mellow is ill, and the only way Oriole can save him is by visiting the City of Soulless and seeking the help of the king.

Boy has never left the city. He doesn’t even know what a bird is. When he and Oriole meet it seems like fate – but can two children heal the city, the King and the Wishbird?

The Wish Bird is an exquisite tale of courage, friendship and magic. Boy and Oriole are intriguing characters, each needing to dig deep to overcome the obstacles they face. The land they inhabit, and its residents, are intriguing, and he artwork, pen and ink line drawings by the author, are exquisite.

Suitable for children, The Wish Bird will equally delight all ages.


Book Cover: The Wishbird

The Wish Bird, by Gabrielle Wang
Penguin Australia, 2013
ISBN 9780143307525

Available from good bookstores or online.