Kate, by Kevin Burgemeestre

Kate wiped tears away with her sleeve. She was shaking so badly, she was having trouble getting up. Red t-shirt bent down and helped her gently over to a nearby bench, straightening her jumper as they went. When she had calmed down a little, she looked across at her rescuer and was astonished to find it was the guy behind the red door. the guy whose dog she’d just stolen!

Kate’s not happy. Still reeling from the loss of her mother, she now has to deal with the departure of her best friend and her favourite teacher, being bullied at school, and a dad who never seems to be around. When she rescues an abused dog she hopes life might get better, but though Wilde is protective and good company, he can’t keep Kate safe all the time. Suddenly her list of troubles seems almost trivial compared with her new one: someone is after her, and seems intent on killing her. On the run with Wilde and her new friend, Mal, Kate must draw on courage she didn’t know she had.

Kate is an action packed young adult story, an outstanding début for the author who is perhaps best known for his work as an illustrator. Kate is feisty in the face of danger, loyal and generous. She’s also a talented artist, with the book scattered with her artworks interpreting events, and testament to Burgemeestre’s artistic talents.

Suitable for teen readers, Kate is a satisfying read.


Kate, by Kevin Burgemeestre
Morris Publishing Australia, 2013
ISBN 9780987543448

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