The Year My Life Broke, by John Marsden

So why did we have to shift to Tarrawagga? Ask my parents. It wasn’t my idea, that’s for sure. Our new house was as bad as the Accord. the first time I saw it was the day we moved in….I hated it.

Josh is not happy about moving towns. He’s even less happy about starting at a new school. At his last school he was a bit of a leader, and the star of the cricket team. Here, nobody knows him and nobody seems to want to know him. Josh isn’t sure that he cares – he just wants to have his old life back. He decides to lie low and not let on that he’s good at sport, to see what it’s like to not be seen as the sporty kid.

In the meantime, something strange is going on in his new street. The house on one side always has police cars parked out the front, and the house on the other side looks empty, but Josh is pretty sure there is someone staying there.There could be more action in Tarrawagga than he expected.

The Year My Life Broke is a funny, action filled tale from John Marsden. Realistic fiction at its best, it combines family changes, sport, suspense and humour in a blend which will keep young readers, sport-mad or otherwise, turning the pages.

Good stuff.


The Year My Life Broke, by John Marsden
Pan Macmillan, 2013
ISBN 9781742613352

Available from good bookstores or online.