Escape from Wolfhaven castle, by Kate Forsyth

The wild man looked down at the huge dog and said, ‘Quiet now.’

To Tom’s surprise, Fergus stopped growling, his ears pricking forward. He wagged his shaggy tail.

‘Tell your lord,’ the wild man repeated, urgency in his voice, ‘danger comes.’ Then he turned and loped away through the forest. As he disappeared into the shadows, he flung back his head and howled like a wolf.  An answering howl came from the east.

Tom is just a kitchen hand, so when the wild man in the woods tells him that danger is coming, nobody wants to  take Tom’s concerns seriously. But the wild man is right – danger is closer than anyone can guess.  Soon Tom is on a quest – an impossible one –  with Elanor the Lord’s daughter, Sebastian, a knight in training and Quinn, apprentice to the witch. Together they must escape the castle and then set out to find four magical beasts.

Escape from Wolfhaven Castle is the first in an exciting new fantasy series for younger readers, The Impossible Quest. The young characters are varied and each intriguing in their own way, the situation gripping and the cast of supporting characters also strong. Along with a fast moving plot and plenty of twists and turns, there is plenty here to hook young readers and have them eagerly awaiting the next instalment.


Escape from Wolfhaven Castle (Impossible Quest)

Escape from Wolfhaven Castle, by Kate Forsyth
Scholastic, 2014
ISBN 9781743624067

Available online and from good bookstores.