Pig the Winner, by Aaron Blabey

Pig was a Pug
and I’m sorry to say,
if he didn’t come first
it would ruin his day…

Believe it or not,
he was quite hard to beat.
And the reason was simple …
Yes, Pig was a cheat.

Pig the Pug is back in his third laugh out loud adventure and, as always, Trevor the Dachshund is right by his side. This time, Pug is doing whatever it takes to win, and making a contest or race from everything he and Trevor do. But, when he insists on an eating race, he eats more than he intended, ending up with the bowl wedged in his mouth.

Using jaunty, well-written rhyming text Pig the Winner tells a tale that is chiefly humorous but also has a gentle message about competitiveness and friendship. Blabey’s illustrations , in acrylic as well as pen and pencil, are filled with funny details, and the facial expressions of both characters are hilarious.

Perfect for read-aloud sharing, Pig the Winner is a winner.

Pig the Winner, by Aaron Blabey
Scholastic, 2016
ISBN 9781760154288

Pig the Pug, by Aaron Blabey

Pig was a Pug
and I’m sorry to say,
he was greedy and selfish
in most every way.

Pig the Pug lives with a gorgeous sausage dog named Trevor, but in spite of Trevor’s attempts to play, Pig is never nice to Trevor, until his efforts to keep all his toys to himself result in a terrible accident.

Pig the Pug is a funny story in rhyme about greediness and sharing – and dogs. The message is clear, but doesn’t get in the way of a simply entertaining, fun story.

The illustrations, in acrylic, bring the two dogs to life. In spite of his greedy nature, Pig is an adorable pug, with a gorgeously expressive face, and Trevor, too, is endearing. They fill the pages, so there is little need for excessive detail. The simplicity of the illustrations allows the dogs’ expressions to tell the story. The looks on both dogs’ faces after the accident says so much – Trevor looks innocently smug at the turn of events, and it is clear that Pig is not happy about the sharing that has resulted.

Love it!


Pig the Pug

Pig the Pug, by Aaron Blabey
Scholastic, 2014
ISBN 9781743624777

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