I'm Glad You're My Teacher, by Cathy Phelan

With the end of the school year rapidly approaching, parents will be thinking about end of year gifts for classroom teachers. After all, there are only so many boxes of chocolate or shortbread that one teacher can eat, yet youngsters love to present a gif to their teacher and teachers do love to receive them.

I’m Glad You’re My Teacher would make a perfect gift for any teacher. This small format paperback is designed to be completed by the child, with pages to draw favourite activities, write about the things they enjoy doing at school, and so on.

This is a unique gift idea and one with a very personal element, with no two children likely to complete the book in the same way.

I’m Glad You’re My Teacher, by Cathy Phelan & Danielle McDonald
Black Dog Books, 2008

I'm Glad You're My Gran, by Cathy Phelan

I’m Glad You’re My Granbegins with a picture of Gran on the cover. Gran is grey-haired but quite funky. Her haircut is modern and her glasses are too. This Gran could be any age really, reflecting the diversity in the Grans of today. The first page features a trophy for ‘Greatest Grandma Ever’. Each opening has one colour page with an affirmation, eg ‘I LOVE doing special drawings for you’. The opposing page provides the opportunity to personalise the book with drawings, words or colouring an image. These activity pages are guided, eg ‘Draw a picture of your Gran telling you a story’ and ‘I am happy when we…’ There is a boy and a girl, sharing activities with Gran. The final image shows both children hugging Gran.

I’m Glad You’re My Gran is one in a series of ‘I’m Glad You’re My…’ interactive books from Black Dog Books. Other titles include I’m Glad You’re My Mu’ and I’m Glad You’re My Dad. I’m Glad You’re My Gran is a small format paperback, with appealing bright pastel colours throughout. The characters are warm and loving, and the shared activities wide-ranging. The relationship between grandparent and child can be a very rewarding one for both, particularly in pre- and early-school years. I’m Glad You’re My Gran provides a way to capture that time in an almost pocket-sized keepsake. Recommended for 3-6 year olds.

I'm Glad You're My Gran (I'm Glad...)

I’m Glad You’re My Mum, Cathy Phelan ill Danielle McDonald
Black Dog Books 2008
ISBN: 9781742030371

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I'm Glad You're My Mum, by Cathy Phelan

Most Mums enjoy hearing they are valued, and I’m Glad You’re My Mumis designed to help children say just that. This small 24 page paperback from Black Dog Books encourages and supports children in expressing their love and appreciation for Mum. Affirmations sit side-by-side with pictures to be coloured, blank pages for masterpieces and lined pages for stories. Cathy Phelan’s words offer examples on one side of the opening, and the other side is available for a child to express their personal experience. Danielle McDonald’s pastel illustrations are simple, colourful and appealing.

Very young children may need assistance (from Dad or a grandparent?) to complete the pages in I’m Glad Your Mum, but older children will manage easily on their own. Mums will treasure this gift particularly when children grow and may be less overt in expressing their love and appreciation! Recommended for 3+ aged children.

I’m Glad You’re My Mum, by Cathy Phelan ill Danielle McDonald
Black Dog Books 2008
ISBN: 9781742030364