The 8 Second Secret, by Dr Gail Trapp

There is a plethora of diet and exercise programs on the market, with seemingly a new one released every week. So, when I set out to review this one I felt a little cynical. However, the simplicity of this program appealed, and the book proved to be remarkably accessible, quick to read and straightforward.

Better than that, though, the program seems based on scientific research, sensible, and achievable. The 8 Second Secret presents in book form the LifeSprints program, which has had media attention for some time. The LifeSprints program is based on doing high intensity exercise in 8 second bursts over a twenty minute period. So, for time strapped people, the program can run for as little as three thirty minute sessions a week, and still bring about results in fat loss and , just as importantly, fitness. The book explains the science behind the method, before presenting a simple, easy to follow program. The remainder of the book addresses other key parts of fitness – strength training (Stronger), diet (Slimmer) and relaxation (Calmer), to give readers an all round health regime which is easy to follow and promises results.


In the course of reading the book I decided to try the LifeSprints fitness regime and found after three sessions I was seeing results in increased stamina. I intend to keep at it in an attempt to get fitter.


The book promises fast results and, if you are looking for a way to get fitter and lose weight, is well worth trying.


The 8 Second Secret: The Scientifically Proven Method for Lasting Weightloss


The 8 Second Secret: The Scientifically Proven Method for Lasting Weightloss, by Dr Gail Trapp
Allen & Unwin, 2010


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The Omega-3 Diet Revolution, by Shamala Ratnesar

The prevalence of diet books on bookstore shelves are testament to the very human desire to lose weight and/or live a more healthy lifestyle. Of course, these books range from the kooky fad diets to highly practical and effective diets. This book sits at the better edge of the spectrum, giving scientific explanation as to why Omega-3 is an essential part of the human diet, and why we need to eat more foods high in Omega-3.

The Omega-3 diet is not simply a weight loss formula – it is a guide to better health for life, including weight loss for those who need it. As well as plenty of recipes, there is loads of information about which foods are high in Omega-3, how to shop for and prepare these foods, and how to bring balance into a diet within the demands of a busy lifestyle. There are sample meal plans for children and a handy list of extra resources for further reading.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, or simply want to improve and maintain your health, this is a handy book.

The Omega-3 Diet Revolution, by Shamala Ratnesar
Macmillan, 2006