Freak Street Series, by Knife & Packer

Here are the Wizardsons. They have magic powers, and a pet dragon.
Here are the Humansons. They’re a little like you and me, only a lot more stupid.
Let’s not forget the Zombiesons, the spookiest and most open-minded family in town.
And finally, met the Aliensons. They come from a planet far, far away: Valvaz-7.
Although there are many things they miss from their home planet, there are always some things that are better left behind…
(from Meet the Aliensons)

Freak Street is home to your normal variety of families…well maybe there could be a couple of small differences. Unless, of course there are Zombiesons, Wizardsons and Aliensons living in your street too. If there are, then it’ll come as no surprise to you that things happen when you live in Freak Street. If you live next door to the Aliensons, you’ll know all about the Butloid 8000 and its enthusiasm for domestic tasks. You’ll also know the difference between human and Valvax-7 singing. If you have met the Humansons, you’ll know all about the pet contest and Harriet Humanson’s steak phone. And if you’ve been lucky enough to share a fence with the Zombieson’s you’ll have noticed that Granny Zombieson has brought a few of her friends to visit.

The Freak Street stories are full-colour chapter books. Each story introduces a new family and details an adventure. Each mentions their neighbours, but focuses mainly on the challenges and dramas of the pictured family. There are notes at the front of each title warning that some amazing, unbelievable and perhaps messy things might happen. Each finishes with a ‘Moral’ eg ‘Beware of fortune-tellers, they may be pizza-thieves in disguise’. Each page contains coloured illustrations, indeed some openings could be mistaken for those of a graphic novel. The illustrations are bright and varied and totally whacky – a perfect mix with the wildly inventive text. There are four titles so far, but it’s not hard to imagine there will be more. Look out too for the wisecracking fly. Recommended for 7+, particularly children struggling with the transition to chapter books.

Freak Street series, Knife & Packer
Scholastic 2008
Freak Street Meet the Zombiesons ISBN: 9781741690668
Freak Street Meet the Humansons ISBN: 9781741690644
Freak Street Meet the Aliensons ISBN: 9781741690637
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