When's My Turn? by Hayley Smithers

Every day when Dad gets home from work, he takes his son to the park to play cricket. And that should be a good thing. Except that every day Dad gets to bat and his son gets to bowl and field.

After a whole week of not getting a turn of batting, the young narrator decides enough is enough. If Dad won’t give him a turn, he won’t go to the park any more.

When’s It My Turn is a delightful new picture book from Koala Books. The concepts of turn taking and father/son bonding are explored in a humorous way, with the first person narration giving a child’s eye view. The bright and comic illustrations of John Yayeh are a perfect complement to to the text of Hayley Smithers.

Great for sharing, When’s My Turn is also suitable for beginning readers, with repetitive text making it easily accessible.

Good fun.

When’s My Turn, by Hayley Smithers, illustrated by John Yahyeh
Koala, 2003

Not Nits, by Lucy Treloar

Gus loves insects. He has a whole shelf full of bugs in jars – he feeds them, gives them names and adores them. When anyone accidentally kills or releases one he is devastated.

So, when Gus find a whole colony of bugs living in his hair, he thinks it’s pretty cool. No way is he going to let Mum kill them with nit shampoo. That would be cruel. But just as Gus is determined to save the nits, Mum is determined to beat them. This is a battle of wills that can have only one winner.

Not Nits is a hilarious story about insects and parents. A Red level Tadpole title from Koala Books, this junior novel is suitable for children aged seven and up, but will appeal to older children too, especially those with reading difficulties requiring easier reads.

Not Nits, by Lucy Treloar, illustrated by John Yahyeh
Koala Books, 2003