Banjo Bounces Back, by Lachie Hume

Banjo was a star.
But one day Banjo flew too high…
and took a terrible tumble.

Banjo Bounces Back

Banjo the horse loves hoofball. He practices every day with his friend Bella, and they play together every Saturday wit their team, the Whinnies. But when Banjo has a fall, the doctor orders him not to play for six weeks. Bedridden, Banjo plays on his Haystation and eats molasses. When he is finally allowed to play hoofball again, he is overweight and unfit, and nothing feels right. Discouraged, he gives up the game – until something happens to Bella that makes him realise how much his friends, his team, and hoofball all mean to him. He realises that if he wants to keep playing he needs to get fit again.

Banjo Bounces Back is a humorous new picture book from the creator of Clancy the Courageous Cow, with messages about health and fitness, being part of a team, self belief and friendship. The horse characters, brought to life in a deceptively simple watercolour illustrations, and the equine lingo (Haystation and horspital are just two examples) will appeal to young readers.

Lots of fun.
Banjo Bounces Back, by Lachie Hume
Omnibus, 2012
ISBN 9781862918467

Available from good bookstores or online.

Clancy the Courageous Cow, by Lachie Hume

Clancy the Cow stands out in the herd because he is different. He is a Belted Galloway, but unlike all the other Belted Galloways, Clancy has no belt. The other cows reject him, but one night Clancy discovers that being totally black has a hidden advantage. He is able to sneak into the paddock next door at night and eat as much as he likes. Unlike the other Belted Galloways, Clancy is soon big and strong – and able to represent the herd in the annual Cow Wrestle.

Soon, Clancy is the hero of the herd. His victory in the Wrestle means that the Belted Galloways have grazing rights over the best paddock and the neighbouring Herefords have to move out. But Clancy has anther surprise up his sleeve. He thinks all the cows should just get along – and share the paddock.

Clancy the Courageous Cow is a fun story about being different and about getting along. It was first written by the author/illustrator for a school assignment when he was just twelve and the illustrations, using watercolour and graphite pencil, have a childlike simplicity which is really endearing.

Very cute.

Clancy the Courageous Cow, written and illustrated by Lachie Hume
Omnibus, 2006