Mega Trucks, by Deborah Murrell

Little boys love trucks and little boys’ parents love seeing their children absorbed in books, so a book that is packed with pictures of big trucks is sure to be pleasing to both parents and their sons. Of course, girls may well enjoy this one, too.

Mega Trucks is a large format picture book with 32 pages of truck pictures, with plenty of bright colour photographs of trucks in a range of work situations. There is also simple text discussing what the trucks are doing and exploring the different types of trucks and their uses. Most pages incorporate simple questions for discussion between child and adult or seek-and-find activities to get kids looking more closely at the pictures.

As well as providing plenty of entertainment, this offering will encourage an interest in books, and will help build communication and comprehension skills. Whilst this would seem to be a repackaged American product (the trucks are left-hand drive, for example), the language seems to have been appropriately adjusted.

Mega Trucks, by Deborah Murrell
Scholastic, 2005

Trucks- A First Board Book, from Scholastic Australia

Littlies love things that move – and the bigger the better. This new board book is full of big machines, making it a definite winner with toddlers.

From trucks of all sizes, to emergency vehicles, tractors and loaders, every big road machine possible is included. Each double page spread has a theme, with pictures of the relevant machine-type individually labelled. The farm page, for example, includes a harvester, tractor, loader and animal transporter.

Perfect as a first book for a baby, with its sturdy format and bright photo-illustrations, older toddlers will enjoy the novelty of being able to ‘read’ by pointing at the pictures and saying the names of the different vehicles. There are also four spreads at the end of the book providing learning opportunities, including counting to five and relative size (small, medium and large).

With a small price tag (just $5.95), this one won’t break the budget.

Trucks: A First Board Book, from Scholastic Australia, 2004