Plum Puddings and Paper Moons, by Glenda Millard

Now she was fifteen, Scarlet wasn’t certain whether wishes ever came true. She had yet to discover what could be done with black tights and a broken bridge.

Everyone knows that Christmas time is the time for making wishes, and it’s almost Christmas in Cameron’s creek. But, in the Kingdom of Silk, Scarlet is not sure that wishes can come true. Scarlet, the oldest of the Rainbow girls, has met a boy, Anik, who has lost so much that Scarlet doesn’t know how she can make a difference. But, as all the residents of the Kingdom of Silk learn at some point, wishies can come true and one person can make a difference. Scarlet decides to declare peace on Cameron’s Creek and soon she can see that difference for herself.

Plum Puddings and Paper Moons is the fifth instalment in the beautiful, and award-winning Kingdom of Silk series. Just as breathtakingly satisfying as its predecessors, this is the kind of book that you want to hug – and that makes you feel hugged in return.


Plum Puddings and Paper Moons

Plum Puddings and Paper Moons, by Glenda Millard
ABC Books, 2010
ISBN 9780733328664

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Vampire Slugs On Callisto, by Jackie French

Sam loves living on Callisto. She and her Dad have been there almost a year, leaving behind the discomforts of Earth, where lots of nasty things can happen. On Callisto everyone gets along, there is no crime and there is always plenty of wonderful food to eat.

Then with the annual Harvest Festival approaching, something strange happens. Little slugs appear on the fruit trees. One day they’re tiny, the next they’ve doubled in size. What’s worse, they’re eating everything in sight – all the trees, all the fruit, even Dad’s pineapple pizza.

What worries Sam the most is that no one is doing anything about them. The adults are too busy preparing for the Harvest Festival to do anything about the slugs. It’s up to Sam and her pingleflug step-cousin Broc to do something about them and save Callisto from destruction.

Vampire Slugs on Callisto is the third book about this delightful planet from award-winning author Jackie French. Although they form a series, each book stands alone and is filled with humour, adventure, and yummy food.

The first Callisto title, Cafe on Callisto, won the Aurealis Award in 2001

Vampire Slugs on Callisto, by Jackie French
Koala Books, 2003