Buying for Baby, by Melissa Rogerson

Reviewed by Tash Hughes

Useful for anyone preparing for the arrival of a baby, but especially for first time parents, this book is a simple guide to what is and isn’t needed.

Including pregnancy itself, the book covers small and large items and gives useful tips on choosing particular ones. No specific brand information is given, but questions are asked so parents can find the item appropriate to their own situation.

The book is a useful reminder for parents in subsequent pregnancies, too, and makes a handy reference for grandparents and people with lots of potential parents as friends.

Divided into chapters according to parts of life, such as traveling, sleeping, bathing and feeding, the book goes into detail about the possible purchases facing new parents. Each chapter ends with a table to summarise the relevant items; the table separates the items into ‘will need’, ‘will probably need’, ‘might want’, ‘unlikely to need’ and ‘later might need.’

Rogerson has based the book on her own experiences, which are scattered through the book, as well as research and discussions with other parents. She quotes real life parents throughout; sometimes the quotes are showing opposite sides of an issue, too, so readers can make their own judgements. Her stated opinions are supported by her reasons, and occasionally by links to reputable sites such as kidsafe and sidsandkids.

The book itself is easy to read and comprehensive; there are ideas in there that many parents would probably forget to mention to their pregnant friends. It can be read from start to finish, or just referred to as required, and even carried around as a reference on shopping trips. Also included are suggested shopping lists so the parents-to-be can plan before leaving the house and avoid being bewildered at the choices in the shops.

Buying for Baby: A guide for parents-to-be, By Melissa Rogerson, Illustrations by Dave Owen
The Baby Shopper, 2003