The Freewheelers – Unleashed!by J.A. Mawter

Reviewed by Dale Harcombe

This book is the first of a new series and reminiscent of the Secret Seven and Famous Five books many of us remember from childhood. The difference is this is a group of smart, multicultural kids from varied family situations in Australia. In the four friends, who make up the Freewheelers, two are male, two female and two are twins. They hang out together, spending a lot of their time doing tricks on their bicycles or just hanging out at their hideout.

When the group consisting of Bryce, Mio, Clem and Darcy, see a beagle being mistreated they attempt to rescue it but the beagle disappears. Then other dogs go missing. What is going on? The Freewheelers are determined to find out.

These high spirited twins and their friends come across as real, believable children in an urban setting. They are children who love mystery, games and adventure. Each character is distinctly drawn with interesting characteristics, like Bryce who has a song to fit every occasion. The writing is full of action and excitement that will quickly draw readers in not only to this book but will have readers around the 9-12 age group waiting eagerly for others in the series to come out. A great read.

The Freewheelers – Unleashed!by J.A. Mawter
HarperCollins, 2006 Paperback RRP $14.95