The Quest for the Sun Gem, by Belinda Murrell

Reviewed by Jess Whiting

Ethan froze in the tree, his heart pounding, his mouth sticky and dry. His stomach heaved with anxiety as he tried to grasp the reality of the terrifying attack below him. The small group of Tiregians, in their brightly coloured ceremonial clothes, were completely surrounded by a surging sea of black armour. They had no hope of fighting back.

Ethan and Lily are a brother and sister who, after their village is attacked and their families and friends captured, will go to extreme lengths to rescue them from the Sedah invaders and reclaim their land.

The Quest for the Sun Gem is a novel filled with excitement as you join Ethan, Lily, Saxon and Princess Roana on a daring quest to find the Sun Gem and restore peace to their world.

This novel for ages ten and up is filled with suspense and will keep the reader guessing. It is filled with action and never has a dull moment as it allows you to enter a magical world filled with strange creatures and fun characters.

A great adventure

The Quest for the Sun Gem, by Belinda Murrell
Random House Australia 2006