Alexander the Great – Reckless Conqueror, by Carole Wilkinson

Alexander the Great was a ruthless warrior and king. He conquered most of the known world and crushed all enemies in his path. This is his story.

Although a mighty and courageous man Alexander was also cruel, vile and racist. He killed people on rumours or for being related to traitors and often forced thousands of men into slavery in his campaign for conquest.

After being crowned for a short amount of years he had already lead many successful campaigns and skirmishes. He was fighting at the front line from the time he became Regent of Macedonia to his death in 323 BCE.

This book is a fantastic resource for all ages; it showcases Alexander’s life and experiences with stunning illustrations, highly detailed maps and theoretical accounts of his experiences during Alexander’s entire life from Age 4 to his death.

This Author, Carole Wilkinson, is gifted in showcasing history in such a way that all ages can understand and be interested in these fantastic chapters in history.

Alexander the Great: Reckless Conqueror, by Carole Wilkinson
Black Dog Books, 2004