A Nest for Kora, by Claire Saxby

Reviewed by Jackie Hosking

A Nest for Korais a picture story book about a safe place to fall. Its subtle message shows that from firm foundations, namely Kora’s Granny, Kora is able to explore and experience things without fear. Kora, like any youngster, is out to amaze the world with her first egg. Granny is keen to share her own experience with Kora who is determined that her first egg-laying is going to be very different.

Kora searches the farmyard looking for the perfect place for her nest, refusing to listen to Granny’s advice. It’s not until she is sitting in her perfect nest does she realise that sometimes perfect is not perfect at all. Back in the hen house surrounded by family and friends Kora lays her first egg and everyone agrees that it is a very fine egg indeed.

A Nest for Kora is a simple while important story about the importance of family, told with the help of Judith Rossell’s E. H. Shepard – like (of Winnie the Pooh fame) illustrations.

A Nest for Kora, by Claire Saxby Illustrated by Judith Rossell
Windy Hollow Books, 2007
ISBN 9781921136030

This review first appeared in Pass it On Newsletter. It is reprinted here with permission.