Pearlie and Great Aunt Garnet, by Wendy Harmer

Pearlie was busy hanging her beautiful clothes, frilly pillow cases and feather curtains in the warm sun, when her friend Jasper the elf flew straight into her wet pyjamas.

Pearlie and Jasper decide to host a surprise birthday party for their friend Opal. They write invitations for everyone except Scrag and Mr Flea. Next there are games to organise and food to order. Of course there must be a big birthday cake too. Scrag and Mr Flea hear about the party and decide to hold their own. Pearlie takes Jasper to Great Aunt Garnet’s wonderful shop. Great Aunt Garnet will deliver the cake later. Scrag and Mr Flea have a shopping list too, which also includes an enormous birthday cake. Great Aunt Garnet has two cakes to deliver. What could possibly go wrong?

Pearlie and Great Aunt Garnet is the latest in the ‘Pearlie’ series from Wendy Harmer. The illustrations are bright and the text accessible to readers making the transition from picture books to less illustrated works. Younger children will also enjoy having the story read to them. The book is a good size for small hands to hold. The credits refer to the animation experience of the illustrator and it’s easy to imagine these stories as an animated series. The story is simple, with a positive resolution and is sure to appeal to young readers.

Pearlie and Great Aunt Garnet, by Wendy Harmer
Random House 2007
ISBN 9781741667316