Natasha, by Catherine Harker

Reviewed by Kathryn Duncan


Hidden behind a floral pillow on a yellow couch, Natasha is a very shy cat that is not even sure that she is a cat. She knows she is not a mouse, so maybe she is a bird. As she searches for her identity, Natasha meets Douglas, “a handsome, orange tom cat” who helps her to discover her identity and overcome her shyness.

Paul Harvey’s comic like illustrations highlight Natasha’s character, emphasising her shyness and her search for identity. The bright, natural colours add warmth to the story and provide a humorous depiction of the text as we see Natasha knit her bird costume.

As with all of New Frontier’s books there is a message in Natasha. Along the lines of Taming Butterflies (text by Sue Whiting and illustrated by Mini Goss) Natasha is about overcoming shyness and finding your own identity.

Natasha is an enjoyable story for the pre-school age group or for children who are newly independent readers.

Natasha, by Catherine Harker, illus by Paul Harvey
New Frontier Publishing, 2007
HB rrp $24.95