Twenty Two Truly Twisted Tales, by Terry Spring

Reviewed by Kathryn Duncan

Not everyone gets their reading pleasure lost in a novel and for those readers wanting something on the shorter side, Twenty Two Truly Twisted Talesis the ideal solution. Long enough to allow story and character development to satisfy the fussiest of readers, this collection brings forth the chuckle you have been waiting for all day, the frustration of waiting in queues and solutions for the envious.

There is nothing twisted in any of these stories, except the ending and whilst some of the twists were predictable, most are not. Each story is unique with a variety of themes and a touch of humour that will satisfy everyone.

“A Full House” is enjoyably short and amusing; this story will stick in your mind for its delightful simplicity and childhood innocence. This is an example of how fewer words can be better when telling a story.

Frustration at waiting in queues is one of those daily emotions we have all suffered from and anyone who has ever had to stand in line will be able to relate to “Counter Service”. The reader is torn between relating to the young woman waiting in the inevitable line at the post office to post a parcel overseas, and the staff member doing her best to provide good customer service.

Some stories have a simple message and this is clear in “Guitar Karma” and “Silver Service” where kindness and thanks can come when you least expect it and for an act long forgotten.

Being able to pull the reader into a short story is one of the challenges of the genre and Terry Spring does this successfully. Characters are well developed, allowing the reader to identify with them. This makes the stories all the more enjoyable as you ponder what you would do in the same situation or identify yourself, or someone you know in the behaviour of the characters. These stories are a reflection of everyday life and this is part of their appeal. Ideal for short trips, a day at the beach or a bedtime read where you don’t have to worry about finishing a sentence at the end of a page, Twenty Two Truly Twisted Tales is definitely worth a read.

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Twenty Two Truly Twisted Tales by Terry Spring
Book Surge Publishing, PB, ISBN 1-921019-64-6
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