The Boot Thief, by John Heffernan

‘What’s going on?’
Lucy and Jack looked up from the breakfast table. Their father was standing in the sunroom door, scratching his head.
On his left foot he wore a gumboot.
On his right foot was a riding boot.
The kids smiled at each other.
‘It’s that boot thief again!’ he growled.

A boot thief is stealing boots from the verandah of the farmhouse. Not every boot, just one of each pair. Lucy and Jack think it’s funny to see their father wearing odd boots. But then their boots begin to disappear as well. And one of their mother’s boots is gone as well. Suddenly it’s not so funny. It’s time for some serious detective work. Everyone at school wants to help. Could it be the hens? Could it be the sheep? Lucy and Jack piece together the evidence and discover just who is stealing the boots. But what do you do when the thief has a good reason for the thefts? Lucy and Jack work out a solution that keeps everyone happy, safe and warm.

the boot thief is a new title in Lothian’s Giggler series. There are short chapters with illustrations on every opening, perfect for the reader making the transition from fully illustrated texts. Stephen Axelsen’s illustrations build on the gentle humour underpinning this realistic mystery. There are funny illustrations demonstrating what the thief might do with the stolen boots. While the adults get cross, the children set about finding an answer to the mystery. The action is pacy, the solution perfect. Recommended for newly-independent readers.

The Boot Thief (Giggles)

the boot thief, John Heffernan, ill Stephen Axelsen Lothian 2007
ISBN: 9780734410009

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