The Three Little Bush Pigs, by Paul Dallimore

Deep in the Pilliga Scrub lived three little bush pigs who were as keen as mustard to leave home.
‘Keep your eyes peeled for that dingrel,’ said Dad.
‘No worries,’ said the three little bush pigs, and early the next morning they rode away.

The three little bush pigs are itching to leave home. Home looks like a caravan park, way out in the countryside. They say farewell to their parents (and the neighbours) and off they go, pedalling hard on their single drag-racer bike. In the way of this story, they all build houses, using materials that reflect their personalities somewhat. The first of course is the most flimsy and the dingrel soon despatches it. The second, although better, is still insufficient protection against the dingrel and two brothers take refuge with the third in his ‘…house, which had been approved in writing by the Pilliga Shire Council.’ Undaunted, but slightly out of breath, the dingrel tries all sorts of tricks, but still fails to get his pigs. In the end, the pigs at least, are able to live out their days in peace.

The Three Little Bush Pigs is one in the new series from Omnibus Books called ‘Aussie Gems’. There are no prizes for guessing which story The Three Little Bush Pigs is based on. It doesn’t matter if readers have never heard of the original story, this version stands alone. But there are perhaps extra little jokes that will be richer for the reader’s familiarity with the original. Dallimore has used a whole swag (!) of Australianisms in bringing this story to full Aussie colour. The Dingrel drives a ute and calls the pigs ‘maaaate’. Even the construction materials for all three houses are iconically Australian. Dingrel’s goanna mate Dazza films the whole story including Dingrel’s less than dignified exit. Dallimore’s illustrations are colourful and humourous and extend the joke well beyond the words. Good fun. Recommended for 4-7 year olds.

The Three Little Bush Pigs, Paul Dallimore
Omnibus Books 2008
ISBN: 9781862917262