Do You Know Millie, by Gordon Winch

Reviewed by Kathryn Duncan

Change is difficult for everyone, so when you are a small child moving away from your friends, it is normal to be sad. In Do you know Millie?, Sarah is moving to the big city and is told by her friend, Rosa, that Millie also lives in the big city and will be Sarah’s friend. The only problem is, that nobody seems to know Millie.

Do you know Millie? is a story about friendship and finding that some things are closer than you think. The story flows smoothly as we follow Sarah in search of Millie and the basic concept of asking people if they know her indicates the size of the world we live in. Despite this, Sarah does not easily give up her search.

There is disappointment for Sarah, but the book ends on a positive note as she finds a new friend in her neighbour.

You feel Sarah’s emotions in Alan Robinson’s illustrations and the double page spreads are bright and have a positive feel to them. Do you know Millie? is Robinson’s first picture book and his work complements Winch’s simple, yet heartfelt text. Sarah’s teddy and little white dog join her in each illustration as her constant companions, and friends.

This is another enjoyable story from New Frontier and once again they have produced a publication worthy of sitting on our bookshelves.

Do you know Millie? Winch, Gordon (text) and Robinson, Alan (illus)
New Frontier, 2008
HB rrp $24.95