The ABC Book of Animals, by Helen Martin & Judith Simpson

The ABC Book of Animalsfeatures a wide range of animals from all over the world. Baby animals hatch, squirm and totter. They hitch rides with Mum or make their own way. There are words to describe how different animals move and the noises they make. There are bushland animals, grassland animals, sea and snow land animals. Even farm animals are here, making their farmyard noises. Animals have different skin. Some have scales, others feathers. Some skin is soft, some tough and leathery. And finally animals sleep. Each double page spread with multiple animals and descriptions is followed by spreads with a more detailed look at selected animals in their habitat, eating, moving and sleeping.

The ABC Book of Animals is a sturdy board book, perfect for little fingers. It is easy to imagine it becoming a household favourite. The range of pictured animals is wide and varied. For the younger child there are animals to identify. For the older child, there is information related to each animal and about their habitat. They can also act out the movements described, and play at hopping and swooping, growling and hissing. The illustrations are realistic both in form and colour and are beautifully rendered in watercolour. A perfect first book on the world of animals. Recommended for toddlers up.

The ABC Book of Animals [Board book]

The ABC Book of Animals, Helen Martin and Judith Simpson, ill Anne Bowman
ABC Books 2008
ISBN: 9780733323829

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