Puzzles Down Under, by Richard Morden

Keep your eyes peeled if you go on walkabout in Australia because there are puzzles to be found all over the place!
Have a squiz at this puzzle and you might spot a sleeping koala, a lamington, a hat with corks and a Christmas beetle.

‘Puzzles Down Under is Aussie, Aussie, Aussie from the surfing kangaroo on the cover to the wallowing wombat on the back cover. In between, readers can visit a wide variety of Aussie landscapes and some of their occupants. There are puzzles that follow the burrows of animals, others that set a race between a fly and an ant as they chase the sauce trail all the way to the pie. From the outback to the ocean, from the cuddly to the downright dangerous, from the fish and chip shop to the back yard shed, follow trails, find differences and puzzle your way through.

Puzzles Down Under includes enough Australian slang to fill an Aussie dictionary. The scenarios are Australian, as iconic as a meat pie, although Richard Morden occasionally makes a feature of the bits that don’t fit. There is a volcano arising out of Sydney Harbour near the Opera House and there are bushrangers in the fish and chip shop. The colours reflect our landscape, and there is plenty of humour for young readers. Each page opening has at least two puzzles, often more. Recommended for 5-8 year olds.

Puzzles Down Under, Richard Morden
Black Dog Books 2008
ISBN: 9781742030494