Anzac Heroes, edited by George Low

From the shores of Gallipoli, to the outback of Australia, to the muddied battle fields of France, the ANZAC legend spreads far and wide. This book is a collection of the best ANZAC stories from Commando magazine. For years the magazine has played host to many exciting stories from World War I and II, but rarely do they publish stories of the ANZACs, so this book exists to collect these stories of the Aussies and the Kiwis together in one volume. The stories are presented in comic form, with great black and white artwork telling the stories of the ANZACs in a way no written work alone could.

This collection is great for ages 10 and older, but anyone can enjoy these timeless stories of the ANZAC legend. The fact files between and during stories make this an informative and entertaining read. This is perfect for a long period of reading, with each of the twelve stories being completely self-sustained.

A thrilling collection.

Anzac Heroes: The Best 10 Anzac War Stories Ever!, by George Low (ed)
Crows Nest, 2009

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