The Magic Fair, by Sally Morgan

Kayla felt excited when she woke up.
The Magic Fair was in town! She had heard so many wonderful stories about the Fair. She could hardly believe she was finally going to see it for herself.
When Kayla arrived at the Fair with Uncle Mike and her cousin Peter, she was more excited than ever. But when she saw the sign hanging over the entrance gate, she shivered.

Kayla is going to the Magic Fair with her Uncle Mike and cousin Peter. She’s excited but not quite sure what to expect, particularly when the entrance sign advises caution. Peter pays no attention and when Uncle Mike leaves them to do their own thing, Peter takes off leaving Kayla behind. On her own, Kayla discovers all sorts of magical surprises throughout the Fair as she tries to find her naughty cousin. The Magic Fair gives Kayla a chance to have some fun and Peter a chance to atone for his bullying. Black and white illustrations appear on almost every opening.

The Magic Fair is a new title in Fremantle Press’s Waarda series for newly independent readers. They are small paperbacks with rich stories featuring indigenous families. Some are traditional stories while others, like The Magic Fair, are more contemporary. The message here is clear that bullies need to learn that their actions will have consequences. Kayla is cross with her cousin but rather than just be angry, she follows him to try to take him to account. She is helped in this by magical elements of the Fair. The Fair becomes almost like another character, guiding and helping her to find Peter. Sally Morgan also edits the Waarda Series. The final pages tell a little of her own story and why she wrote The Magic Fair . Recommended for readers ready to transition to short chapter books.

The Magic Fair , Sally Morgan
Fremantle Press 2010

review by Claire Saxby, Children’s Author

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