Model Mania, by Aleesah Darlinson

es, I know it’s Sunday morning and impossibly early, but I can’t sleep. I bought this new diary yesterday and I’ve been dying to write in it. So many fresh, white pages to fill! So here’s the scoop. I’m Persephone River Pinchgut and this is my second ever personal diary. My first diary started out TOP SECRET because I didn’t want my sister, Portia, snooping. She eventually found out about it anyway – but promised not to snoop – so my diarising is now out in the open.

Persephone Pinchgut and her sister, Portia, are 10 years-old and identical twins. On the outside. On the inside though they have very different personalities. Persephone is quieter and not that fond of being in the public eye, but Portia loves the spotlight. In this adventure, Portia decides she wants to be a model. Mum finally agrees, but it’s Persephone who has to accompany her to auditions and the like, because Mum is too busy. Portia decides she quite likes life in the limelight, despite the effect it has on her sister and her friendships. Welcome to model mania! The text is in a large font and there are illustrations scattered throughout.

This is the second diary of the new Totally Twins series from New Frontier Publishing. Middle-primary can be a time for ‘trying on’ all sorts of personalities and potential careers. Many seem romantic and glamourous. But they are not always what they seem. Portia transforms into a model, complete with a new wardrobe, new mannerisms and new friends. Persephone tries to be pleased her sister is happy but she also sees the effect Portia’s new behaviours are having on those around her. Themes are around friendship and family. Recommended for early/mid-primary aged readers.

Model Behaviour Fabulous Diary

Totally Twins 2: Model Mania Aleesah Darlison Serena Geddes
New Frontier 2010
ISBN: 9781921042409 review by Claire Saxby, Children’s Author

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