Samuel's Kisses, by Karen Collum & Serena Geddes

Samuel was excited.
It was shopping day.
He loved going shopping with Mummy.

Samuel is a small boy who loves to go shopping with his mum. But not everyone they see while shopping looks or seems happy. Some are distracted, others just look tired. So while Mum is doing her thing, Samuel sends them a kiss. The kisses travel over, under, around before reaching their destination. The effect is immediate, and brightens the day for the recipient and those nearby. Soon the whole shopping centre is feeling the effects of Samuel’s kisses. Illustrations are ink and watercolour, soft and whimsical, set in lots of white space.

Samuel is quite magic. Not only does he brighten days, he gives them a new lease of life, or a refreshed sense of fun. Children have a wonderful simplicity that adults often lose. They also sometimes feel powerless in the face of sadness or tiredness or ill-health in others. But Samuel just gives out happiness with his kisses. And at least temporarily, he is able to share his joy of life. Children reading Samuel’s Kisses will surely be tempted to try out the kisses themselves. Hopefully, the adults around them are taking notice. Recommended for preschool aged children.

Samuel's Kisses

Samuel’s Kisses, Karen Collum Serena Geddes
New Frontier Publishing 2010
ISBN: 9781921042157

review by Claire Saxby, Children’s Author

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