How to Draw Dangerous Beasts, by Marc McBride

Marc McBride’s animals are well known to book lovers and to budding artists. This new collection of beasts is as fantastic as his mythical beasts. All the animals in this collection are real, although there is some license used for the ‘nastiness’ of some. Each opening offers a staged drawing plan and a picture of the completed animal. The cover and most pages are bordered with a very toothy, very scaly, scary-eyed crocodile pattern. There are colour pages to suggest colours for each beast, but they are just as scary in black and white. How to Draw Dangerous Beastsis a large portrait format paperback, sturdy enough to withstand repeated openings and drawings-from.

In the introduction, McBride recalls his earliest ‘ultimate animal’, made from the best bits of many animals. It had strength, speed, protection, intelligence and more. But although others loved his drawing, some also pointed out things he hadn’t considered. The introduction also details the materials he uses for best effect. He continues to draw his beasts, imaginary and real, and to give them presence. Monster- and beast-loving children who enjoy drawing will find plenty of material here to extend their monster menageries. Recommended for competent drawers who love all things wild.

How to Draw Dangerous Beasts

How to Draw Dangerous Beasts, Marc McBride
Scholastic 2010
ISBN: 9781741694017

review by Claire Saxby, Children’s Author

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