Parrot Carrot, by Jol & Kate Temple

Parrot Carrot is not the only unlikely creature the reader will encounter in Parrot Carrot. Animals and more with similar-sounding names combine to create new ‘creatures’. There’s a cork that looks like a hawk, a goose that looks like a moose, and many more.

There is little that’s serious here, even the characters seem aware of the absurdity of their new forms. Illustrations are almost naïve in style, with few colours on each opening, mostly in pastels. Covers and end papers are soft blue with bright orange and yellow titles.

One third introduction to rhyme, one third parlour game, and one third nonsense, Parrot Carrot will tickle the funny bone and stimulate the imagination. Combine any two rhyming words to make a new animal. A fun game to play with toddlers, Parrot Carrot could also easily be used in the classroom to extend vocabulary, combine literacy and art activities and generate some new creatures . There is also an App for the iPhone, taking the book into the e-realm. Recommended for reading with young children, or for playing with any age.

Parrot Carrot

Parrot Carrot, Jol & Kate Temple and Jon Foye Allen & Unwin 2011
ISBN: 9781742376868

review by Claire Saxby, Children’s Author

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