Totally Cody Simpson, by Alana Wulff

Imagine for a second that you’re a normal school student with a talent for music and a dream to crack the big time. You’re living on the Gold Coast with your family and friends and decide it might be fun to upload some videos of your singing skills to YouTube. Who knows, it worked for Bieber, maybe this time it will work for you? A few weeks later , you get and email from a man who claims to be a famous producer and before you know it, you’re heading to the USA to meet with a major record label.

At a time when most young teenagers are just discovering who they are and finding their way through early secondary school, Cody Simpson is living the life many aspiring singers will only ever dream of. Totally Cody Simpson is filled with photos and information, quizzes and speculation. Readers have their chance to see who might be Cody’s first girlfriend, or to paste their own photo next to his. Fans can also make their predictions about when and where Cody will tour; how tall he might be; when he might leave home and just when he might make it to the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

Modern media makes fandom a broader experience than ever before, but there’s nothing like photos and information about your hero to keep the fan-flag flying. Cody Simpson has achieved fame at a very young age, and provides inspiration to other aspiring performing artists, as well as thrilling young girls everywhere. ‘Totally Cody Simpson’ simultaneously reminds the reader that Cody is a normal boy doing normal things, as well as being famous and having many famous friends. This is one for Cody Simpson fans and for aspiring singers/performers who want fuel for their dreams.

Totally Cody Simpson: The Unofficial Guide

Totally Cody Simpson: The Unofficial Guide, Alana Wulff
Random House 2011
ISBN: 9781742752532


review by Claire Saxby, Children’s Author

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