Brave Little Penguin, by Anna Pignataro

In a white peppermint world as far as the eye could see lived Papa Penguin and Little Penguin.

Little Penguin and Papa Penguin live together, alone, in a cold icy world. Papa Penguin must go away for the day fishing. He promises to be back ‘before the moon’ that night but Little Penguin worries about being alone for so long, and how to fill the time. After a short period of sadness, Little Penguin resolves to be brave. There is an icicle mountain to protect, storm and roll away from. There are imaginary seas to be explored in a trustworthy boat. The day rolls by and begins to fade as Brave Little Penguin waits for Papa Penguin’s return.

Brave Little Penguin is a small format hardback with a royal blue textured hardback cover. Little Penguin and Papa Penguin are shown in a smaller circle on the front cover as if the reader is being granted an eye-glass peek into their world. The story is a simple one of a child finding a way to pass the time until a parent returns. Rather than succumb to loneliness, Little Penguin uses his imagination and transforms the white world into an adventure playground where anything is possible. Anna Pignataro’s characters are soft and appealing and her watercolours are, as always, beautiful. There is plenty of white space, appropriate both in the landscape and the room for a reader to bring themselves close into the story and make it their own. Recommended for 3-6 year olds.

Brave Little Penguin, Anna Pignataro
Scholastic 2008
ISBN: 9781741690835