The Surfing Scientist #2, by Ruben Meerman

Flashy new toys are great, but there’s nothing quite like making your own. Adults get the same satisfaction from do-it-yourself home improvement projects. In this book, you’ll learn how to make forty cool gizmos and gadgets that spin, whirl, fly glide, float, sink, fizz, jump and pop. All you need is a little know-how, a bit of patience and some basic household materials.

In his first book, surfing scientist, Ruben Meerman, showed readers how to make 40 ‘cool science tricks’. Now he’s back with a new title, demonstrating 40 science gizmos and gadgets, all of which can easily be made at home. This time there are beans to set jumping, codes to break, lamps to fill with lava and plenty more. Construction of each gizmo is guided by written instructions and photos. But wait…there’s more. Each gizmo is a demonstration of science in action. Alongside the instructions is an explanation of the science behind it, and/or extra facts. There is information about how the science is employed in nature or by man, as well as about the scientists behind the discoveries.

Ruben Meerman is a surfer with a physics degree. The Surfing Scientist #2, like The Surfing Scientist #1 sets out to prove that science is exciting and accessible. Each gizmo can be used for play, and for many younger readers, that’s probably enough. But for those more curious, there’s the opportunity to learn more about science in a hands-on way. Names of the science and of scientists are included, providing teasers for the reader who wants to learn more. The style is informal, conversational. The gizmos are mostly easy to construct from materials found in most houses. There’s an introduction and contents page at the front. At the back there are patterns, a list of gizmo equipment and a list of famous inventions. Recommended for primary-aged readers, though younger readers may require supervision with some of the gizmo construction.

The Surfing Scientist #2, Ruben Meerman
ABC Books 2008
ISBN: 9780733323836

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