40 Super Human Body Tricks, by Ruben Meerman

You are the exclusive owner of a highly advanced, super sophisticated and utterly unique human body. There isn’t, and there never will be, another human body exactly like yours. But while you and I and the other 6.7 billion (6 700 000 000) people on the planet all look noticeably different, we are all, in fact, nearly perfectly identical. We share the same master body plan, the same organs, the same types of cells, the same fundamental needs and the same basic abilities. We are all, by far, much more alike than different underneath our skins.

Ruben Meerman, surfing scientist, is back! This time he’s sharing the magic of the human body, with 40 Superhuman Body Tricks. He promises there’ll be no lecturing on eating well and exercising, although admits that a healthier respect for your body may result after reading. There are 40 experiments, aimed to demonstrate some of the marvels of the human body. Experiments are simple and clever and most can be completed without needing parental supervision. On the opposite page to the experiments is the science underpinning it. Discover the location of your own personal blind spot. Learn how to make sugar sweeter than…sugar!

Most people are aware of the importance of science, but for many, the language of science is as foreign as another country’s language. Ruben Meerman seeks to share the passion he has for science by making it as fascinating and easy to understand as possible. He does this both in the language he uses to describe what’s going on (although he also uses the scientific terms) and also helping children to learn by doing. His experiments are noisy and smelly and visually arresting! Perfect! Very little equipment is required for most of the experiments…all you need is your body! Recommended for mid-primary and beyond…but in fact older and younger readers will also enjoy the experiments and the trivia.

The Surfing Scientist: 40 Superhuman Body Tricks, Ruben Meerman
ABC Books 2009
ISBN: 9780733325694

review by Claire Saxby, Children’s Author

The Surfing Scientist: 40 Superhuman Body Tricks