T-Bird and the Island of the Lost Cats, by Tonia Stagherlin

T-bird and her cat Soot are staying with her auntie for the holidays. They meet Rexie and discover the local cats are disappearing one by one. Add some strange neighbours, a touch of magic, a forbidden island and the mystery begins. Together, T-bird, Soot and Rexie work to solve the mystery of the missing cats.

This in an interesting story with some unusual twists. It begins slowly but builds pace in later chapters. There are a lot of characters and some distracting point of view slips. This book is described as being for 7-12 year old readers but would probably suit the older end of this range.

T-Bird and the Island of the Lost Cats by Tonia Stagherlin
www.t-bird.com.au ISBN: 1411666976