The Australian Writer's Marketplace 2002

As if the writing process wasn’t difficult enough, once you have produced your brilliant novel, your outstanding script or your insightful article, you then need to find someone to publish it. For Australian writers, this process is made a little easier by The Australian Writer’s Marketplace. The 2002 edition is now available and, as always, is full of useful information for both aspiring and established writers.

Compiled by author, journalist and writing teacher Rhonda Whitton, the book’s subtitle is The Complete Guide to Being Published in Australia. As well as listing thousands of markets, the book contains useful advice from published writers on both the writing process and getting published. There are essays about writing for the web (Christine Davey), characterisation (Sydney Smith) , manuscript presentation (Rhonda Whitton) and more, including the winning entry in the 2002 Writer’s Marketplace Essay Competition.

Market information includes an extensive listing of magazine and journals, newspapers, script markets and publishers, with contact details, submission information, payment rates, editorial tips and so on. Web site addresses are given for those publishers who have a web presence. Of course, the publishing world is ever changing, so writers are always advised to check details before sending submissions

Other information given includes listings of agents and manuscript appraisal services, literary organisations, writing contests, literary courses and events.

The Marketplace is an excellent resource for the aspiring writer who, although possibly not ready to submit, can explore the many different markets to aim for, as well as making contact with useful organisations and perhaps trying their hand at some of the many literary contests available. For the more experienced writer, the book is a useful source for checking contact details of intended markets as well as finding new ones to explore.

The 2002 edition of The Australian Writer’s Marketplace is available direct from the publisher or from all good bookshops, for (AUD)$42.95.

The Australian Writer’s Marketplace, Compiled and Edited by Rhonda Whitton
Bookman, 2001.