Rowan and the Zebak, by Emily Rodda

On his mother’s wedding day Rowan senses danger but dares not say anything, for fear of being wrong and spoiling the wedding. When his sister Annad is snatched by a flying creature, Rowan blames himself and sets out on a quest to save her.

Annad has been taken to the land of the Zebak, Rin’s powerful enemy and Rowan and his friends have only a series of strange riddles and a mysterious package to guide them. When they find Annad they also uncover another secret.

This is the fourth book in Emily Rodda’s much-loved series. Rowan is an unlikely hero – once seen as a disappointing weakling by his people, he has come to be respected for his courage in the face of that weakness. The first book in the series was judged CBC Book of the Year in 1994, and the second and third books also received acclaim.

A great introduction to the fantasy genre for 8 to 12 year olds.

Rowan and the Zebak, by Emily Rodda
Omnibus, 1999