Drop Kick, by Annette Wickes

Everyone in Duncan’s family is sports mad. His brother and sister have heaps of trophies, his Nan is still doing triathlons, and his Pa was a champion footballer. His parents love sport so much they’re both sport teachers – at Duncan’s school. Duncan is the odd one out. He’s not good at any sport, and would rather spend his spare time with his mate Brad and Brad’s pets.

Duncan’s Dad says Duncan can have a pet of his own on the day he kicks the winning goal for the football team. Trouble is, Duncan can’t even get selected for the team – because he can’t kick. Luckily for him, his grandpa has a secret weapon. If Duncan can learn to use it, he just might have a chance.

Drop Kick is a fun novel for primary school children. It touches on themes of family, friendship and bullying, without being preachy.

A good read for ten to twelves.

Drop Kick, by Annette Wickes
Omnibus, 2003