The Lighthouse Secret, by Penny Garnsworthy

When Jake gets Sam to come and have a look at the old lighthouse, Sam isn’t happy. The lighthouse gives him the creeps and they’re not supposed to be there. When Jake gets inside, Sam follows, to try to convince him to come out. They are disturbed by an old man, and leave, but not before Jake takes a fruit drink from the fridge in the lighthouse.

At home, Jake experiences some strange symptoms. Are they to do with the drink? He has to find out.

Sam finds himself following Jake as he returns to the lighthouse a second and then a third time to visit the old man and take part in his wild experiments. But, when the experiments are over and the boys tell their story, no one believes them. The lighthouse is empty and has been for a long time. Have the boys imagined it all?

The Lighthouse Secret, by Penny Garnsworthy, is a Quick Reads title from Wordweavers Press. Aimed at reluctant readers, particularly boys, the series provides a range of easy to read tales, high on fun and adventure. The Lighthouse Secret is likely to appeal to its intended audience.

The Lighthouse Secret, by Penny Garnsworthy
WordWeavers Press, 2003