The Possum Thief, by Dr Harry Cooper and Craig Graham

Kate loves her dog, Smudge, and her possum, Torchy. And Smudge and Torchy are best mates. Until now. Torchy has two new babies and Smudge keeps stealing them while the possum is sleeping. Smudge and Torchy are now the best of enemies! Even confining Smudge indoors doesn’t help. Mum and Dad decide Smudge will have to go to Grandma’s. Torchy will have to go back to the bush.

Kate needs help so she writes a letter to Dr Harry. With a bit of help from his dog Scarlet, Dr Harry soon has everything back to normal. This is a realistic story with a magical twist. Young children particularly will enjoy Scarlet’s special skills.

Fans of the television show will enjoy The Possum Thief, a Dr Harry adventure co-written by vet Dr Harry Cooper and Craig Graham (Pan Macmillan 2002) and delightfully illustrated by Mitch Vane’s lively watercolours.

The Possum Thief, by Dr Harry Cooper and Craig Graham. Illustrated by Mitch Vane
Pan Macmillan 2002