Wrestlefest Fever, by James Roy

Tom, his brother Harry, and his friend, Ben, love to watch the wrestling on television. They know all the moves and all the wrestlers – like Clawhammer and Beefsteak Billy. Now Wrestlefest is coming to town. Tom’s dad has promised to get tickets on his way home from work.

But all the tickets are gone – Wrestlefest is sold out! To make things worse, the school bully, Ricky Jones, bought the last tickets and he keeps taunting Tom and Ben. Ricky Jones – who thinks wrestling is dumb and all wrestlers are wusses! Will they get to see their heroes in action? Will Ricky Jones get what he deserves?

Wrestlefest is a Quick Reads title from Queensland publisher, Word Weaver Press. Quick Reads are short, fast-moving fiction titles pitched at upper-primary aged boys. Boys will enjoy the action, recognise characters like Ricky Jones, and cheer as Ricky gets what he deserves!

James Roy is a NSW writer of fiction for both younger readers and young adults. Other titles include A Boat for Bridget, Full Moon Racing and Captain Mack.

Wrestlefest, by James Roy
Word Weavers Press 2002