Muddle in A Puddle,by Belinda Nadin

When the animals decide to leave the zoo and search for a new home, it is giraffe who leads the way, marching proud and strong. Camel brings up the rear, with the other animals calling to him to keep up.

Soon though, giraffe comes across an obstacle. There is a puddle across their path – a deep, wide puddle, that cannot be crossed. First Giraffe, then Rhinoceros, then Hyana and Meerkat fail to cross the puddle. They are in a muddle. Will camel be able to help them out?

Muddle in a Puddle is a cute new picture book by Belinda Nadin. The story is sweet, with a nice message about the unlikeliness of heroes. Although the rhythm in places seems a little strecthed, kids will love the silliness of the story and the outstanding illustrations of Lloyd Foye, who creates adorable characters and expressions.

A fun picture book.

Muddle in a Puddle, by Belinda Nadin, illustrated by Lloyd Foye
Koala Books, 2003