Remember Me? by Moya Simons

Amber’s Mum has bought her a diary, because she thinks it’s a good way for Amber to get rid of the worries that clutter her mind. If she writes them down every night before bed, she’ll be able to sleep better.

Amber’s mind is cluttered because her life is more than a little cluttered. For years it’s just been her, her mum and her dog Buster. Now, though, things have changed. Her Mum has married Thick Nick and he’s come to live with them. And if that wasn’t enough to cope with, her real dad, who she hasn’t seen for years, has suddenly reappeared.

Having survived without a dad for so long, Amber now has both a real dad and a step-dad to deal with. And it seems the pair aren’t just competing for her affections, but for business in their hardware shops too.

Amber’s diary gets a real workout as she works through her confusing family.

Suitable for ages 10 to 12, Remember Me? is a lively mixture of humour and insight, from popular author Moya Simons. Great reading.

Remember Me?, by Moya Simons
Omnibus, 2003