The Cockroach War, by Jonathan Harlen

When the Judge family meet their neighbours, the Cadwallers, they like them almost as much as they like their new house and their new neighbourhood.

Unfortunately, the Cadwaller’s don’t stay nice for long. When Mrs Cadwaller wins forty million dollars in a big lottery, the whole family changes. First, they blow up their old house to build a new one, then they start staging big parties and flying helicopters at all hours. The final straw is when they try to buy the Judge’s house.

Emma, however, has an idea. With the help of her brilliant new invention, she and brother Toby are out to fight Dick Cadwaller and win.

The Cockroach War is a humorous novel for 8 to 12 year old readers. With a combination of humour, adventure and down right silliness, author Jonathan Harlen shows that anything is possible with a little inventiveness (and a whole lot of cockroaches).

The Cockroach War, by Jonathan Harlen
Allen & Unwin 2000, republished 2003