Zombie Bums From Uranus, by Andy Griffiths

Since its release, Andy Griffith’s The Day My Bum Went Psychohas been a runaway success with young readers around the world. Now, the psycho bum and its owner, Zack Freeman, are back.

While Zack is struggling with his bum-fighter training, something is happening elsewhere in the solar system which could have disastrous effects.Zombie bums, which have been frozen in rings around the planet Uranus, have been defrosted and are headed for earth. Whether he likes it or not, Zack is going to have to fight them.

Armed only with a squeezy tomato sauce bottle and aided by three of the oldest bum-fighters on the planet, and, of course, his bum, Zack must fight the smelliest bums the Univarse has ever known or face the total zombie-bummification of the whole world.

With more bums, more grossness and more plain silliness than the first book, Zombie Bums from Uranus is bound to be a hit with the primary school audience. Of course, most adult readers will simply be grossed out, but then it’s not aimed at adult readers, is it?

Zombie Bums From Uranus, by Andy Griffiths
Pan MacMillan, 2003