Scuttle and the Zipzaps, by Ged Maybury

When Zac and Zelma Zipzap are given a pet flootle, they think he’s pretty cute. What they don’t realise is quite how clever Scuttle is.

When Gatch the Glangwoo tries to rip Zac’s security badge off, Scuttle has the solution. And, when it seems Gatch could be up to something more sinister, Scuttle has the answers too. Will the kids realise that Scuttle is more than just a cute pet?

Scuttle and the Zipzaps is a new Banana Split title from Banana Books. With two stories – Beware the Glangwoo and Scuttle Saves Fridgelon 5 – featuring Scuttle and his new ‘owners’, this is a great title for youngsters making the transition to big kids’ books.

The Banana Splits series is proving popular with young readers, librarians, teachers and parents because of its unique format and fun subject matter. Scuttle and the Zipzaps is no exception.

Scuttle and the Zipzaps, by Ged Maybury, illustrated by Louise Prout
Banana Books, 2003