Zoo Album, by Richard Morecroft & Alison Mackay

In Zoo ALbum, young readers can:
– Meet Bruce, the Andean Condor who was afraid to fly.
– Find out why South American people make kebabs out of Poison Arrow frogs.
– Find out what it means when a Sumatran Tiger “prustinates”
– And get to know the 4-metre Anaconda with a ticklish tummy.

This brilliantly designed book provides a colourful and personal introduction to an intriguing range of animals. A collection of stories about real-life zoo animals, with stunning illustrations by Karen Lloyd-Diviny, Zoo Album is, as the title suggests, akin to a photo album.

All the animals featured in the book live, or have lived, at Taronga Zoo in Sydney or Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo. The life-like illustrations capture intimate moments in the day to day lives of animals including Haoko the Gorilla, Kusomano, the Black Rhino, Spike the Echidna and more.

This delightful title is a must-have for every young animal lover and, of course, an invaluable addition to school libraries and classrooms.

Zoo Album, by Richard Morecroft & Alison Mackay, illustrated by Karen Lloyd-Diviny
ABC Books, 2003